Come, let’s discuss!

Hello all,

I am sure all of you readers would agree that in our everyday lives there are happy moments as well as sad ones. When we share our happy moments with others, the joy is doubled. In case of a sad moment, we always feel much lighter when we discuss them. At times, due to the busy life our friends and families lead, we are not able to discuss these important topics with them. Hence, the creation of this platform!

Got promoted at work? Great! Share the joyous moment with us! Fought with your spouse? Let us know what happened and maybe we could discuss the best ways to fix it!

So without much ado, come let’s discuss!

One thought on “Come, let’s discuss!

  1. We have family and friends who are afflicted by catastrophic flooding in the Houston, Texas area. So far they have received 30 inches of rain, and Harvey has stalled. They are expected to get up to 20 more inches as the storm last several days, and will regain strength. They desperately need prayers. Thanks for letting me share such a lengthy, but needed prayer request.


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